Build a Bug Hotel


One of the many ways you can encourage wildlife into your garden is by building a Bug Hotel. The kids will love to get involved with this and the items needed are likely to be found around the home and in your local surroundings.

When you Build a Bug Hotel many insects and amphibians will have a safe and secure nesting area. This will allow them to thrive in their natural habitat and if you also plant some flowers in the vicinity this will also provide nectar-rich food for bees and butterflies.

If you need more information then visit the National Trust Website for more ideas


Items you will need to Build a Bug Hotel

4 x wooden pallets (local timber merchants or free sites generally have these available for free)


Plastic Bottles

Bamboo Canes


Old Tiles

Corrugated cardboard

Stones/ Pebbles

Twigs, Loose Bark


How to Build a Bug Hotel

  1. Place a wooden pallet in your chosen location. On the top of the pallet line bricks around the corners and across the middle for support. 
  2. Place the next wooden pallet on top and repeat the process for all four pallets.
  3. Cut the top two-thirds off your recycled bottles. Fill them with cardboard, canes, and sticks and place these in the Bug Hotel.
  4. Fill the remaining spaces with leaves, pebbles, stones, tiles, loose bark and Straw.
  5. You can be as creative as you like and add any old recycled items you may have like old carpet, toilet rolls, plant pots. The insects and wildlife love to hide and make nests so plug all the gaps to protect them from the elements.

Plant a few flowers if possible near the Bug Hotel to create a food source for butterflies and bees. The bug hotel will soon be an inviting spot for beetles, bugs, bees, Amphibians, centipedes, spiders, woodlice, ladybirds and many more. 


Build a Bug Hotel


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