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Hi, I’m Sam chief editor at Willow and Rose Lifestyle. I’ve worked with Claire for quite some years now and we very much share the same interests.

One item we also share is the daily juggle of balls …. what I’m talking about is the work, kids and general life battle that gets you from Monday through to Sunday every week. Don’t get me wrong I love my life but as we all know sometimes it can be crazy.

I have two lovely boys, who love everything sporty and so you will very often see me on the sidelines cheering them on, regardless of whatever our great British weather throws at us. When I have spare time I love to walk or run in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, I find the great outdoors clear my headspace as well as keeping me fit and healthy. At this point, though I feel I may need to come clean about my pottery addiction, whether it’s Emma Bridgewater or Cornishware I just can’t say no, I just prefer to call it therapeutic labour of love rather than an obsession.

Here at Willow and Rose Lifestyle, we love to chat and share our ideas and interests, whether that’s a new recipe or a new favourite purchase. We try to inspire each other and our readers with tips to make life run just that little bit smoother. We also like to feel we are doing our bit for the environment so tracking down a new sustainable product or sharing a new idea is what we love.

Hi, I’m Emleigh better known as Tiny world or midge. I am the Personal assistant to Willow and Rose Lifestyle so I get to help out with a lot of projects and always involved with the team!

I am the oldest of 4 and come from a big family so I am used to being busy aha! I love working for Claire and Onechicmom. When I am not working I enjoy being creative, crafty and I’m obsessed with anything cute or sparkly!

Greetings, I am Jason the general dogsbody of the group (other wise known as the IT guy), keeping everything running to ensure our readers enjoy the content that the ladies write for Willow and Rose Lifestyle.

Dad of two girls so used to dealing with the tantrums and granting wishes of the group, everyone gets used to me saying no first then going off to do the job, with both daughters enjoying the sport I have been a volunteer at local sports clubs for the past 20 years. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and going away to destinations like Italy and Portugal as two of my favourite places and enjoying the outdoors and seeing new places. I get bored easily so usually turn to work and looking at new ideas or volunteering both of which I enjoy as chairman of a sports club and manager of a lady’s team you could say I am the ideal person to keep the group in check, (I wish !!).

OneChicMomI am Claire, mom, businesswoman, wife, and housewife, along with entrepreneur, friend, daughter, sister, animal rights activist, environmentalist and philanthropist.

What I have learned over the years is you have to balance your life. It’s important to slow down and appreciate the people in your life and the things that you have. I do believe we can have it all, but that takes effort, commitment, and planning to get you there. I haven’t completely achieved the balance in life that I strive for, but with determination and focus, it certainly gets better. The most important thing to do is enjoy the journey and be in the present.

Willow and Rose Lifestyle is all about our lifestyles, with priceless insights from the people who inspire us along the way. Hope you enjoy x

Claire Guest – Founder and CEO

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