Cabbages and Roses Home Styling


Cabbages and Roses beautiful style ideas don’t just stop at ladies’ wear they also offer some beautiful prints and patterns for the home.

The individuality of their designs offers a style and simplicity that is quite whimsical yet classic. They have created designs that have a timeless elegance that will never go out of favour.

Cabbages and Roses

Even the simplicity of a white room can be transformed by injecting a small amount of Cabbages style. That could be with a papered feature wall or with soft furnishings in a timeless print.

Below are some home-style ideas which could inspire you to transform your own home.

I’m sure you will agree that the above are stunning but could easily be created in your own home. What OneChicMom also loves is that all the prints share the same tones so you don’t have to stick to one design or pattern, you can mix them up knowing that they will all sit alongside each other without clashing.

OneChicMom loves the Cabbages and Roses style which they inject across the range, its timeless and elegant and sustainable for the future. Why not visit the Cabbages and Roses website for more inspiration.


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