Christmas Eve Boxes for the Kids


I love Christmas traditions, old and new and my children have always loved them too. On Christmas Eve we always give the kids a pre-Christmas gift containing a selection of treats. The kids look forward to this just as much as they love Christmas Day. Christmas is a magical time for everyone especially kids so why not make this your new tradition too.

Christmas Box Ideas

My Christmas Eve boxes have always contained new Pyjamas or Onesies to wear on Christmas Eve along with an activity to keep them entertained and to get them nice and sleepy for Santa. This could be in the form of a book or a DVD, I generally steer clear of craft items as the Eve is usually busy enough without having to do an emergency clean up.

You could choose to add anything to your Christmas Eve Box, the suggestions are endless. Have a look online at Pinterest for some ideas.

I also like to add a little sweet treat, either candy canes or a selection box as these are always well received and make the evening a little bit special. Normally sweets before bed would be a no-no, but I make the same exceptions as allowing the kids to eat Christmas for breakfast on Christmas Day. Thankfully it’s just once a year.

As well as a sweet treat i like to add a warm drink for the evening, Hot chocolate and marshmallows is perfect for this. You can decorate sachets or jars in the form of Rudolph or a Snowman, as these are fun to make and keep the contents contained.

There are some lovely Christmas Eve boxes available to buy online or you could get crafty and decorate your own. I think these are fabulous at Vellamaes, they offer a personalised option and that way you can use them year after year.

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