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. Have you watched Seaspiracy on Netflix? It’s a bit of an eye-opener and I’ve seen many comments from people saying that they no longer feel they can eat fish anymore. Climate change and the destruction of our planet should be at the forefront of our minds but do you feel you can make a difference?

I think it’s hard to ignore the importance of climate change and the effect man is having on our environment…The tireless efforts of certain individuals like David Attenborough have tried to make everyone more aware and accountable for their actions. You do however feel that as an individual you are powerless to stop it. However, if each individual made the smallest of changes this would be a huge combined change to preserve the environment we live in.

It got me thinking about what steps I could take as an individual to make a difference and one area would be to reduce plastic. Seaspiracy highlighted the plastic pollutants in our waters that are endangering our marine and aquatic life. Not to mention that these pollutants are now entering our food chain.

There are many alternatives to the use of plastics so that you too could make a difference to Climate Change.

Recycled and Reusable Products to Help Stop Climate Change

Invest in one of these Emma Bridgewater Reusable Water Bottles for RRP £25.00.   Not only do they look great but they will reduce your intake of plastic water bottles. Buy one for every family member in their own chosen design.

Reusable water Bottle
Reusable Straws from Swell RRP £12.00

These reusable Straws from Swell are made in Stainless Steel and come in a set of four. However, the best part is that they also include this handy tool to keep them clean and perfect for repeated use.

Climate Change Reusable straws
Shopping bags – Recycled and Reusable  – Emma Bridgewater Apples RPET Shopper Bag RRP £8.00

These sturdy and useful bags are perfect to store in the boot and that way you won’t forget them when you go shopping.  If shopping online then be sure to tick the box which means that your shopping won’t be delivered in Plastic bags, one of the most harmful items to our planet.

Climate Change Recycled bag

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Grow your own local produce or shop local to avoid supermarket plastic ( butchers, greengrocers, bakery) Not only will you be helping the environment but you will supporting sustainable living and small businesses.


Climate Change Grow Your Own Veg

If you’re unable to avoid plastic waste then buy bulk to avoid multiple quantities.  Recyle using recycling bins provided by your local council. Discarded and dump plastics are very harmful to wildlife as well as our Ecosystem.

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