Emma Bridgewater New Christmas collection


“A partridge in a Pear Tree” is what springs to mind with the new collection. If you love Christmas and Pottery then you will be pleased to know that Emma Bridgewater launched their new Christmas collection this week.

The New Collections

For the traditional lovers of festive green and reds, there is the new hawthorn berries, joy trumpets and bring in the green. In addition to this, the Christmas Joy range for this year features the Dala horse design, native to Sweden and is very festive.

One of the new ranges for this season is the Pear Tree, it’s stunning colours are just beautiful. They have introduced a beautiful Gallon Teapot in this pattern as their showpiece. As well as plates, jugs, bowls and milk bottles.

This new collection is very eye-catching and looks lovely alongside the new gold toast pieces. It’s a lovely variation on the usual reds and greens but still retains that festive feel.

Christmas Day Table

Whatever piece you choose your Christmas dinner table will be stunning if it is adorned with any of these. If you have collected over the years then you will still find that all the pieces work together. The base colour palettes don’t seem to change year on year so whilst the patterns change the base remain the same. Making it ideal to mix collections up.

New Personalised Options

This year they have also announced that they will be expanding the personalised range. Previously you could only have the scripting either the centre or on the base. Now there are much more choices available. So for those left handlers who could never see the mug script, you can have your scripted messages on whichever side you choose.

You can also choose to have a personalised piece unscripted. Whilst I love some of the personalised pieces, sometimes the pattern is just way to beautiful to be covered by a scripted message.

If you have already submitted your Marks & Spencer’s Christmas order then you should not delay in buying the finishes touches for your table. This Emma Bridgewater festive ranges won’t hang around for long and some pieces do sell out very quickly. Head over to Emma Bridgewater or check out John Lewis and Daisy Park who are also stockists.


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