Exercise From Home


With homeschooling the kids and juggling working from home, it’s even harder to squeeze in time to exercise. Sadly the current Covid 19 lockdown restrictions have also impacted on people’s mental health. But Exercise is a fantastic tool that alleviates symptoms.

Unfortunately, the lockdown has also restricted the level of exercise outside the home. Thankfully walking, running or cycling from your home is still acceptable as long as social distancing is followed.

For those with young children at home it may not be as easy to fit in exercise outside the home so why not consider some of these exercises within the home.

Yoga /Pilates app

Yoga or Pilates is the perfect achievable exercise to do in the home, if you have space for a mat then you are already well on the way. There are many online apps to follow or check out some tutorials on Instagram or Youtube. With no subscription costs and a small amount to pay for a yoga mat, there is nothing to stop you. Plus some tutorials are as short as ten minutes long, which is roughly the length of a Peppa pig episode or your child’s nap time. With a range of levels suitable from beginners to advanced, you can find a level to suit your fitness.

Yoga Pilates

Treadmill/rowing machine/ spin bike

You may have the space to invest in a piece of equipment to home exercise. It doesn’t necessarily have to be state of the art and can easily be picked up second hand. If you have a home office, garage or spare bedroom then you can create a home gym. Once again being able to supervise the children whilst exercising gives you flexibility and freedom. Plus again no subscription costs unless you are fortunate enough to own a Peloton Indoor Spin bike and this will involve a monthly membership fee.

Peloton Exercise Bike

The body coach -Joe wicks free classes online

If you prefer to follow a set routine instructed by a fitness professional then why not take a look at Joe Wicks, online. All you need is an iPhone or tablet to unlock some home workouts. There are many HIIT workouts to be found  and you can even choose the time required so that you can squeeze in as much or as little as you can in your busy day. Again no specific equipment required and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Exercise Class at Home

Whatever exercise you choose, it’s good for your mind and body and you can adapt it easily to fit your home lifestyle and time restraints. So why not give it a go, what have you got to lose?


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