Joules Wellies made for Jumping in Muddy Puddles


Someone once told me there is no such thing as bad weather just badly designed clothes! This is very true…

We have all been enjoying more of the countryside during the lockdown, whether that’s walking, running or cycling and the weather has been challenging.

With the recent snow and floods, the footpaths and field have turned into a mud bath! I have washed more muddy trainers and boots these past three months that I’m starting to think I need a boot room installed.

Perfect for kids

Wellington boots are one of the best inventions, perfect for kids who love to jump in muddy puddles and adults who want to stay dry. If you invest in a good pair with a good level of grip then you will always ensure you feel stay warm and dry.

Who are Joules?

Thankfully joules have a fantastic selection of wellies to meet all your family needs. The Joules brand was formed in 1989 selling clothing At a country show in Leicestershire. Due to a loyal customer following this sustainable brand has gone from strength to strength and is now a leading brand in the market. Not only does Joules offer clothing for all the family they have branched into homeware and pet products. 

Joules Wellies for the family

Joules Molly Mid Height Printed Wellies RRP £44.95 

These women’s mid-height wellies come in an array of eye-catching patterns and prints. With a stylish side buckle and water-dispersing sole for added grip.

Joules Wellies

Little joules roll up wellies RRP £24.95

These kids roll up wellies are perfect to be popped in a rucksack or bag making them on hand for every eventually. Wellies can be cumbersome so it’s perfect that these can be rolled up small enough to carry.

Kids Joules Wellies

Rain well Short Height Wellies RRP £24.95

These rain well short wellies are perfect for kids that love to make a splash. Kids love the short height and funky designs and adults love the fact that they don’t compromise on stability and grip.

boys wellies

Le chameau – Vierzonord Neoprene lined wellington boots RRP £180.00

Le Chameau Vierzon is an iconic field and country tall wellington boot. Handcrafted since 1965 this product was the first of its kind to be made with an adjustable waterproof gusset. The adjustable clip allows protection to the boot and limits damage from the undergrowth.

Whilst the inner lining provides warmth to the foot as well as breathability . Joules recognises Le Chameau as one of its partners in business so you can find this brand under the “ friends of Joules” tab on the website.

Mens Wellies

Transparent welly boot and sock set from Squelch Wellies RRP £23.98

These transparent wellies are brought to you from another “ friends of joules” partner Squelch Wellies. These unique transparent kids wellies come with three pairs of funky socks to choose from ensuring that your child will be the envy of all. 


We are sure that you too will love these Joules products and we hope this has given you some inspiration. Head over to Joules for their full Wellington boot ranges for your family.


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