Love Pottery, Love Emma Bridgewater


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a homeowner or if social media sites are influencing me, but with over 219 thousand followers on Instagram, I’m not alone in my love of Emma Bridgewater.

Growing up as a child, I never really collected anything, unlike friends who were avid collectors of stamps or coins. However I’m obsessed with Emma Bridgewater pottery.

If ever you are passing Hanley in Stoke on Trent, then be sure to pop in. You will not be disappointed. There you will find a decorating studio, where you can try your hand at replicating a variety of designs or create paint your own designs. You will also find a fantastic café serving delicious cakes and lunches on painted pots and mugs all created within the factory. If you’re intrigued by how such masterpieces come to life, then a factory tour is a must. You can meet the maker and put a face to the name stamp while you discover the many processes one pot goes through before it ready for sale.

One of the highlights of visiting the factory is the factory shop, where you can find some great bargains! Or maybe you would prefer the main shop, showcasing a vast array of the collections available. The new collections are generally displayed most creatively so that you can visualize them in your home.

One of the latest collections to hit the market is the Emma Bridgewater Christmas collection. Below are a selection of my favourite pieces.

Be sure to grab them quickly, though, so as not to be disappointed.


Emma Bridgewater

Bring in the Green Range


Emma Bridgewater

Christmas Toast Range


Emma Bridgewater

Winterberry Collection


Emma Bridgewater

Gold Toast Collection



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