Make a Spring Wreath


No front door should be without a Spring Wreath and they are really simple to create at home.  Because design is your own personal taste you can be as creative as you like. Stick to one colour palette or mix it up with the Seasons best blooms. Because there are no rules for the arrangement you can just be creative and don’t overthink it as it will look amazing. 

With very few supplies needed and some that can easily be foraged in the garden, it can be that simple. 

More inspiration can be found online or check out Pinterest for some ideas to get you started. 

Items needed to make a Spring Wreath

1 x Oasis base (heart-shaped is perfect for the door)

String or Ribbon for hanging.


Spring Flowers

Scissors (garden)

Method for Spring Wreath

  1. First Soak Oasis in Water – this keeps the flowers hydrated and will last longer
  2. Cut Foliage to roughly 2-3 inches in length, by cutting the end at an angle, it will make a point and be easier to slide into the Oasis.
  3. Arrange the foliage to cover the base and also dot around the front of the arrangement to break up the flowers.
  4. Snip the heads off the flowers leaving a short stem length to slide into the oasis. 
  5. Insert the flowers in the Oasis, ensuring the base is covered so that it doesn’t show any of the plastic.
  6. Tie a string around the top of the base and hang it on your door using the knocker or a Door hook.
  7. To keep the Spring Wreath looking fresh, spray regularly with water.


Spring Wreath

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