Make a Teacup Bird Feeder for your Garden


It’s so easy to make a Teacup Bird Feeder for your garden and the results are lovely. As you may know from previous articles I’m a collector of pottery mostly Emma Bridgewater and Cornishware but I have some old mismatched Cath Kidston Pieces too.

Sadly though some of my pottery has received the odd chip or knock. Whilst I have a dresser displaying my collector’s pieces, I still like to use the rest of my pottery daily so it does sometimes meet with the odd accident. Because the pottery is so pretty it’s very hard to discard or throw away so I look to reuse this where possible.¬†

Therefore this idea to make a Teacup Bird Feeder is the perfect solution. There are very few items needed and these are a great addition to the garden. Whilst I have in the past bought plastic bird feeders, hanging pretty pottery is so much more aesthetically pleasing.

For more inspiration then check out Pinterest 


Items needed to make a Teacup Bird Feeder

Teacup & Saucer

Glue gun or strong adhesive glue

String or Twine

Hanging Hook

Bird Seed


  1. Using the Glue Gun or Strong Adhesive, stick the cup sideways onto the saucer. Allow this to completely dry.
  2. Using the Teacup handle, attached the twine and knot securely at the end.
  3. Fix your hanging hook to a tree or wall.
  4. Sprinkle some birdseed inside the cup. Don’t worry if some fall out onto the saucer, this will give easy access for the birds.
  5. Hang the finished item on the hook.

Teacup Bird Feeder


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