Make your own Fabric Noticeboard


Now that the kids have returned to school, I feel the need to get more organised. We have all checked the school book bags only to find a mountain of letters highlighting dates to remember and dressing up events! As a busy working mum, this is not easy to keep on top of, as well as every day things to remember. This is why I always blame the kids that I forgot my dentist appointment because my brain is full of the stuff I need to remember for them! Fear not, by making your own Fabric Noticeboard you can display all the key notices, rather than storing them in your head.

You don’t need to be creative, as it just a few simple steps. Costs are relatively low too as you can recycle fabric and materials from around your home. What I like about making a Fabric Noticeboard is that it’s stylish enough to display in your home.  If you need some inspiration for fabric and design, head over to Pinterest for some ideas. 

What you’ll need to create a Fabric Noticeboard

MDF or an upcycled piece of board cut to your chosen size. 60cm x 40cm is ideal

Fabric to cover the board could be a tea towel or some old curtains 

whatever you’re happy to display on your wall.

Lining fabric to cover the reverse side


Upholstery Nails


Staple Gun or Strong Glue

Wadding – available at any craft shop or online


  1. Lie your fabric down, with the best side facing down. Place the wadding over the top and lastly the MDF board.
  2. Fold the fabric over the wadding to make a neat edge. Fix this to the board using the staple gun or glue. Repeat this around the whole edge of the board to secure the fabric and wadding in place. 
  3. Turn the Noticeboard over and lay 3 or 4 strips of Ribbon in a diagonal pattern across the board, leaving gaps in between. Repeat this across the opposite diagonal leaving the same amount of spacing. Where the points cross, secure this with an upholstery pin and hammer. Add a loop of ribbon to the top of the board to use as a hanger. 
  4. On the back of the Noticeboard, tuck in any excess from the ribbon strips, be sure not to tuck in the looped hanger. Then take the pre-cut lining, which should be slightly smaller than your board and secure this to the back to cover using glue or staples. This will hide any of the threads and keep it looking neat. 
  5. Hang on the wall with a suitable nail or hanging pin and slide under the ribbon any notices or letters you need to display. 


Fabric Noticeboard

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