Paper Tulips


Paper Tulips are one of the easiest craft ideas but they are great fun to make with the kids. You need very little craft materials and these can be purchased for a few pounds, online or in-store.

With the current lockdown restrictions and the approaching Easter Break, a craft idea is a perfect way to fill some free time. It’s also a great distraction after homeschooling and an alternative to filling the kid’s downtime away from the tech.

What I love about this simple craft idea is that once you have made them they look fabulous displayed on a window ledge. They can also be incorporated into any Easter Decor that you may display around the home so perfect to make in advance.

If you want to look at some alternative techniques then Pinterest is a great platform for this.

Paper Tulips Supplies

Tulip Shaped Flower Pattern Template

Multi-coloured card

GreenĀ  paper Straws


Hole Punch


Bluetack / glue stick/ Sticky Tape


Method for Paper Tulips.
  1. Draw a Tulip shaped Flower Head on Card and cut out, this will form your template.
  2. Use this template to draw around on the coloured card. Cut out carefully.
  3. Fold the flower-shaped head 4 times in a concertina pattern.
  4. Punch a hole in the centre of the folded flower.
  5. Feed the straw through the punched hole.
  6. Use a green card to cut out shape for the leaves and secure with the glue stick or sellotape.

Paper Craft

Once completed you can repeat the pattern to create multiple Tulips and pop them in Terracotta Plant Pots lined up on a windowsill or arrange in a vase.

The best part about this make is that you get bright Spring Blooms without having to worry about over watering them or the frost killing them off. No green fingers needed!


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