Spring Green


Spring Green is a colour associated with nature and the natural world. Green represents tranquillity and calms so it is the perfect colour to bring into your home.

It is good to use Spring colours around the home as they give a fresh and vibrant feel. It also works well and compliments other colours such as pinks and yellows. You don’t have to go all out on the Green you can just add touches here and there.

In a stressful world its good to live in a calming space. Some people prefer to use foliage, plants and greenery about the home to inject the colour but if you are not green-fingered you may be put off by this.

Do not worry as we have found some lovely Spring Greens to inject that calming influence into your home :

Spring Green colour to use In your home

Spring Green Vase

Orla Kiely Green Layered Vase RRP £50.00

The layered floral design is elegant and stylish, while the subdued and calming Pastel Green colour adds a relaxing touch to any room.

Spring Green Picture

Sarah Pye Framed Canvas Print “Silver Lining” RRP £140.00

This frame-mounted canvas features a colourful tree in bloom and captures Nature through flora and fauna, perfect for bringing the outside into your home.

 Green Kettle

Smeg Pastel Green Kettle RRP£129.00

This retro-inspired designed Kettle adds a pop of green to your kitchen. With other matching appliances also available its an easy way to update a plain white kitchen.

Smeg Green Fridge freezer

Smeg Pastel Green 70/30 Fridge freezer RRP £1859.00

A market leader of stylish creativity, Smeg’s FAB32 fridge freezer is an icon of modern design. It features a 70/30 split but other options are available and with contrasting matching accessories what’s not to love.

Spring Green Cushion

John Lewis Cotton Velvet cushion is Jadeite RRP £25.00

This plush velvet cushion in this beautiful vibrant Jadeite brings a stunning pop of colour to your home. It has a generous feather filling with a soft cover to provide maximum comfort and style for your sofa.



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