Staying Home Has Become the New Going Out.


Staying Home has become the new going out. With current restrictions and pubs being forced to close its door at 10 pm, quite a few people have decided to stay in rather than go out. Staying in also reduces the risk of being infected by this Global pandemic.

Whilst I am certain most people would prefer a night on the town it just doesn’t feel safe when COVID 19 infections levels are on the increase.

Romantic Night In

The beauty of Staying Home is that the children require no babysitter. Whilst you are downstairs enjoying a cosy dine-in for £10 or a takeaway the kids are tucked up in bed. Plus there are no additional charges for Taxi’s or that late-night McDonalds stop off. 

Family Night

Or maybe you have older children and prefer to have a family night in. Why not make an effort and make some popcorn. And transform the lounge into a cinema and watch a film premier on Netflix or Sky. Several retailers sell popcorn machines makers for a few pounds, ideal for making your own.

Argos popcorn maker rrp £19.99

It would be easy to make little effort and just crash out in front of the TV every night. With just a few simple changes you could feel that the night was a little more special and more like the days of going out.

Themed Party Night

Stay Home but get dressed up for the occasion and set the dinner table with the best crockery. Even if it’s takeaway you will still feel you have made the effort and then the evenings won’t blend into one. Maybe even have a themed event, Halloween would be perfect for that and you could adorn costumes and have themed snacks. 

With a bit of effort and a little planning, you can still feel like you are living your best life. The memories made from a good night in could be just as memorable as a good night out. 

Garden Party

Your Staying In party night could even be in the garden and that way you could invite friends or family within the COVID 19 limits of course. If you have a fire pit or patio heater available then this would allow for the chillier evenings. Or decorate your seating area with cushions, throws and fairy lights and then everyone can still be wrapped up and toasty. 

It’s easy to feel trapped and isolated with the COVID 19 situation but it’s important to and make the most of the current situation as it could be around for some time.

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