Upcycling is one of my favourite pastimes. It’s very satisfying to see an old piece of furniture brought back to life. I particularly enjoy painting wooden furniture and making it a modern functional piece. With so many outlets such as Gumtree, Facebook Market place and eBay you can pick up a bargain. 

You do need to factor in how you are going to get your pieces home though but you would be amazed how much you can fit in the back of a regular car! Maybe you are lucky enough to have a second-hand store near you that is willing to deliver. But be careful to factor in any additional costs otherwise your treasured find might not be the bargain you thought. 

If you’re going to upcycle a piece of furniture then there are tools you are going to need. Paint is a very important factor if you want your piece to stay looking great. One paint manufacturer which I particularly enjoy using is Frenchic but I have in the past also used Farrow & Ball and found these to be very good too. With such a vast choice are colours you are sure to find the perfect tone you need for your upcycling project.

If you plan to upcycle again then it would pay to invest in a hand sander as it’s much less laborious than sandpaper. These can be picked up in most DIY Store for under £35.

Whilst I am no expert I have now upcycled several items and one of my recent projects was my dresser. This is how I created my finished look

Upcycling Project Dresser

Items needed

Dresser bought from a local shop and delivered free. 


Paint 750ml


6 New Knobs

Method for Upcycling

1. Separate the sections, i.e drawers, top and bottom section, shelves and remove all drawer knobs. 

2. Sand each piece individually. This will take some time but the finished product will benefit from this process. 

3.Create a painting area that’s clean and dust-free. I used an old oilcloth to paint my pieces on but you could use any clean surface. Allow sufficient drying time between coats. My Dresser took 2 coats and I use Frenchic Original Artisan Colours in Mother Duck.

4.Once all the sections had been painted, these were reassembled and new drawer Knobs were added to give a more modern look. 

I used just one colour for my dresser and I chose not to wax after so that it had a matt finish. However to add a layer of protection use Wax to finish. 

Upcycling Hand Sander

Toolstation Silverline Hand Sander RRP £19.98



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