White Company Christmas Tableware Craft Idea


White Company Christmas have online some festive Pinecone place card holders. But why not make them for a fraction of the price.

A perfect Half term activity with the kids is one that includes glitter and glue, and I don’t just mean parents of girls. Everyone loves crafting with glitter, the only problem is it gets everywhere. I would recommend covering the table with a cloth so you aren’t still finding glitter in the carpet come Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas this craft idea would be perfect for the Christmas table. But this time of year is perfect to make them as Autumn foraging for Pine Cones is in abundance.

Currently, on the White Company website, you can purchase a set of 6 pine cone place card holders for £25.00. Whilst I love the White Company Christmas products I am sure that these can be made for a fraction of the costs.

Items needed for the make:

6 x pine cones (foraged)

Spray glue (available from Amazon or any craft store)

Glitter (colour of choice but silver or gold look are perfect for Christmas)

Place card holder ( again Amazon or any craft store) this could be made using wire if you are struggling to get hold of these

Card for the place cards



  1. Foraged for Pinecones with the kids ( they will love this as it’s like a hunt).
  2. Spray cone with spray glue, cover all areas liberally.
  3. Put the cone in a plastic tub or stand on a piece of card and sprinkle with glitter. ( the tub or card will catch any excess, so no waste) 
  4. Allow the glitter and glue to dry.
  5. Attach the cardholder wire to the top of the pine cone using glue 
  6. Cut out shapes on card and adorn with your guest’s name.

Keep these stored securely in a box or tub until required. They can be quite fragile and will lose their glitter if not stored securely.

The kids will love creating this and you will love that these have kept the kids entertained and only cost a few pounds to make rather than a £25 price tag.

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