Winter Accessories to keep you Toasty


With reports from the Met Office that Cold Wintry weather is on its way, invest in some Winter Accessories. Parts of the country have already received a dusting of snow and temperatures are set to plummet as we get deeper into Winter. So get fully kitted out by investing in some Winter accessories to keep you toasty.

Winter Accessories

Woolly Hat

One of the most important Winter Accessories is the Woolly Hat. It traps in the bodies heat as well as keeping your head warm. With lots of styles and choices to suit, you will be stylish as well as warm.

Brora Hat


Brora Fair Isle Cashmere Beret 

Joules Knitted Hat

Joules Thurley Knitted Bobble Hat

Winter Gloves

So to ensure that your fingers don’t get frozen this winter invest in some cosy mitten or fingerless gloves, or maybe wrist warmers if you’re undecided between the two. You can even get gloves with smart screen technology so don’t have to remove your glove to use your phone. A good investment in extreme temperatures is to add a hand warmer in your glove. These cute little hand warmers slip into your glove or mitten and release warmth. By placing in a pan of boiling water this dissolved the crystals inside and allow you to use time and time again.



Seasalt fingerless Gloves

Seasalt Coppicing Fingerless Gloves 

White Stuff Mittens

White Stuff Puffer Mitten


Knitted Scarf

A knitted scarf snug or buff is an important Winter Accessory as it for restricts cold air from sneaking down your collar. In a choice of colours and textures, they provide an additional layer of warmth.

Buff Neckwarmer







Buff Janna Cloud Neckwarmer


John Lewis Cashmere Scarf

John Lewis Cashmere Scarf


Baselayers are a modern-day version of long johns and thermals. They provide an added layer and are designed to be worn under your clothes. They are breathable and generally made of Merino wool so as not to suffocate the skin but to trap any warm air inside the body and reduce the risk of body heat loss.

Baselayer Top

John Lewis Sweaty Betty Base Layer Top

Sweaty Betty Baselayer Bottoms

John Lewis Sweaty Betty Base Layer Bottoms

Stylish Earmuffs

Earmuffs might be the best option to keep your ears toasty If your not a fan of the woolly hat.  These come with inbuilt earphones, perfect for the technology lovers.

Ugg Earmuff

Ugg Bluetooth Sheepskin Earmuff

Keep your Tootsies Toasty through the Winter


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